I strive to make my first impression be an indelible experience of liberation. I have learned that "less is more",and thus, most of my work is quite simplistic,almost elementary. You could call it Zen-like.

I thrive on the challenge and opportunity to be profoundly truthful in art making. I am not the kind of artist who makes a series of related pieces. I'll make one and then usually the next one is completely different in form and material. Often there are months between pieces where I am researching on many levels. My process is mental,spiritual, and physical. Of course,there are recurring themes. I'm endlessly fascinated with the relationship between physical reality and the invisible realms. I like to exalt the mundane (as if anything really is mundane). I think every great work of art has to have a lot of love in it. It doesn't have to be pretty love or easy love but it has to be huge and deep. It doesn't matter what aspect of life it is upholding, it just has to be there.

The Star Bales   (2008)  Vedic City, Iowa

‚ÄčSue Berkey   Sculpture & Installations